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Supporting Better Outcomes for Patients and Clinicians Since 1985

EHOB is your partner in prevention, making life better for patients, clinicians and healthcare teams.
We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and develop pressure injury prevention and patient positioning solutions to meet them. Then, we provide a customized experience for every facility so clinicians can give their best care.
When you work with EHOB, you have the support to prioritize pressure injury prevention among your patients while keeping your team safe from the injuries that all too commonly arise from repetitive, everyday tasks.

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A History of Innovation


Developing the Solutions You Need

Since our founding, we have continuously collaborated with our partners in prevention to understand their real-world challenges.
This dialogue guides our design and development of pressure injury prevention and patient positioning solutions to address the realities our healthcare partners face. It’s how we support them in safely delivering exemplary patient care.

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